Soliloquybooks.com is the only messaging software vendor designing and implementing carrier-scale solutions that meet the needs of service providers who support millions of users and millions of messages per day, and who are looking for ways to offer ranges of service to their customers. Its Soliloquybooks Software products deliver unmatched scalability, reliability and availability, and enable service providers to cost-effectively offer consumer and business messaging services with 24x7 services and the guarantee that subscribers will never lose messages. All service provider mail system components are managed from a single point of control, no matter how widely distributed the system. Management and support of all components are consolidated in a single unified administration system. Designed to meet the demands of the world’s largest ISPs and Telco’s, the Soliloquybooks product line includes:

Live Software Inc - For service providers requiring millions of emails, Live Software Inc offers unlimited bulk email sending and premium consumer, business, and web features in a fully distributed architecture.

The simple DVD to iPad Converter is solution for your video, DVD copy software to convert DVD to iPod and DVD copy easily and fast. DVD to iPod supports ripping DVD movies to Apple iPod, iPhone video and audio files. OS Supported: Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 /XP / 2003.

Through its Professional Services Group, Soliloquybooks.com also provides specialized engineering and consulting support for the most demanding system and networking needs. Our industry-leading experts bring to the table the skills and expertise gained from designing, planning, and implementing complex messaging, architecture, integration, and networking systems for high-profile national and international clients. In addition to providing rapid deployment and integration of email marketing software, PSG engineers are equipped to assist in every aspect of system implementation, including system assessment, system architecture, system migration, and operations management. PSG services are available on a separately contracted basis.

Our dynamic, professional staff will assist you in finding just the right material for your email marketing. Come in and see what Soliloquybooks can do for your career.

Soliloquybooks.com's extensive expertise in messaging systems, intranet issues, key technologies, integration capabilities, and business planning is also available on an ISP partnership basis for joint design, installation, operation, and support of innovative messaging service, outsourced intranet offers.